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We Install Jasper Engines and Transmissions.  Why? I have been using Jasper Engines and Transmissions for large drive train repairs for the last twelve years.  You deserve a solid warranty backed up by nationwide coverage, equal to, or greater than that of a new car dealer.  I have set up a quick link to their website for my clients to learn more about why I trust this company.  I personally have toured a few of the company’s production facilities in the fall of 2016, and boy, was I impressed!  

Periodic maintenance is recommended by all vehicle manufacturers.  We are certified automobile technicians and make recommendations due to the climate in our area and the mileage that you put on your vehicle.  Maintenance helps to prevent breakdowns and repairs that could have been avoided.  By doing periodic, preventative service to your vehicle, you increase its resale value, extend its life and ensure that those that you love are protected during a break down(which is less likely if your vehicle is inspected occasionally).

We use BG Products and Warranty to help you avoid unnecessary, unwanted repair costs.

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